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Sailing Over Stables

Sailing Over Stables


Located at Touch of Class Farm on 277 Maxim Road in Howell, New Jersey.  Sailing Over Stables provides a wonderful opportunity to learn proper horsemanship in a safe, fun atmosphere.  We ride Hunters, Jumpers and Dressage!

At Sailing Over Stables we teach you how to ride safely with proper horsemanship.  Starting from the first time you’ve ever touched a horse to competing at local horseshows.

Each activity is a private one-on-one interactive experience, limited to two people at a time. Our horses have the innate ability to connect with people, and are loving and gentle. They will make your time with them very memorable. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn horse ownership.

Besides learning how to ride with us, we take our time teaching the do’s and don’t’s of owning or leasing your very own horse, starting with grooming, feeding, exercising, cleaning, vet care, nutrition and more.  We want our students to be prepared the very best they can be!


Intro to Horses Lesson - $40 (30 minutes of ride-time, 30 min of grooming and learning how to saddle) We require all new students start with 1-3 Private Intro classes before we place them in with other students.

Private Lessons - $40 (30 minutes individual)

Semi-Private - $40 (45 minute, up to 3 students)

Group Lessons - $ 40 (1 hour, up to 5 students)

Private 1hr lesson - $60 (60 min individual)


We also offer customized immersion courses of five consecutive days of instruction which can be designed for those who wish to take a more fast-track approach to the world of horses.  This includes ground instruction along with riding.  Ask about this unique way to become an instant equestrian, we will mold the immersion course specifically to your ability and desire to excel!


Special - Buy a block of five lessons for $185.

Best Deal - Buy a block of ten lessons for $360.


Call Wendy for more information 732-580-1378.